Have you missed a deadline?

As Melissa Homestead stated in her Sunday commentary, Stowe faced some difficulties while writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin for the National Era. She was pursuing writing while running a large household and writing installments for her story week-by-week. Also, imagine handwriting manuscripts that needed to travel over 500 miles to reach their destination on top of everything else. Three  installments did not make it to the Era by their deadline.

There were deadlines in 1851 and there are deadlines now. How do deadlines impact our lives today? At a time when information can move from one person to another with the click of a button, is there more pressure to meet deadlines?

Share your story with us! What has kept you from meeting a deadline or what is your secret to avoiding this quandary?  Leave us your comment!

2 responses to “Have you missed a deadline?

  • Molly Raabe

    Being a CPA, April 15 is the big deadline and to a smaller degree, September 15th and then October 15th. To cope with this I work 10 to 12 hour days 7 days a week. There is no shopping, cooking, cleaning, or vacations for me during this time. The shopping, cooking and cleaning are done by my husband; the cleaning suffers somewhat. Vacations we make up for later in the year.

    • nationalera

      A helping hand is always great when trying to keep up. We know that Stowe relied on the help of her sisters when it came to child care.
      Thank you for sharing! Much luck to you for reaching those deadlines and enjoy those vacations!

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