A Key to Chapter 10

Stowe provides further details about her story based on actual events in A Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
Chapter 10:

In Chapter X, Tom and his family face the pain for separation. Tom is taken from his wife and children, the way many families were broken apart. Stowe included a story told by an editorial correspondent for the Oneida Telegraph, who wrote about such incidents that occur every day. He states: “My friend, how can you, how dare you, carry on a trade like this? Look at those poor creatures! Here I am, rejoicing in my heart that I am going home to my wife and child; and the same bell which is the signal to carry me onward towards them will part this poor man and his wife for ever. Depend upon it, God will bring you into judgment for this.” The husband in the family the correspondent saw separated from his wife was said to have used the same quote as Tom in Chapter X, “There’ll be the same God there, [Chloe], that there is here.”

The full story of this connection can be read in Chapter XI, “Select Incidents of Lawful Trade”  of A Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Chapter and Commentary Table of Contents

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