The Week of February 26, 1852

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • PT Barnum became a prominent stockholder in a new clock company started near New Haven, Connecticut. The company would manufacture “Self Oiling Clocks”.

National News:

  • The Bishop of the Diocese of New Jersey called a special convention of the Church “To consider and express their judgment on the official conduct of the Bishops of Virginia, Maine and Ohio”.
  • The construction of the Washington Monument at Virginia was well underway. At this point the six pedestals for statues around the base were completed.

International News:

  •  The Westminster Review released an account of the interior of Africa, stating that the natives are not savages, are organized into townships, have defences around their cities, engage in agriculture, and manufacture cotton cloth for the production of clothing.
  • A section of the precipice near the Tower at Niagara Falls, on the south coast of Goat Island, fell. A triangular piece fell the day after this occurred, and a two-hundred foot column of rock remained

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