The Week of February 12, 1852

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • The Free Soil party nominated Francis Gillett, Esq., ofBloomfield, for Governor at their Convention.
  • The weather was a very mild. Reaching as high as 52 degrees. Rain washed away the snow and broke up the river ice.   
  • Mr. Van Wagner, a blacksmith from Poughkeepsie, spoke at City Hall on the subject of Temperance.       

National News:

  • Frederick Law Olmsted was making plans to write a book on his observations of English agriculture.
  • The Illinois Central Railroad Company sold four million construction bonds to capitalists in Boston and New York
  • A bill to abolish capital punishment in Rhode Island was debated by the House of Representatives. Going into the debate, it was believed that the bill would pass.   

International News:

  • A group of 80 Americans held as prisoners in Spain were pardoned by the Queen.
  • English Bible Society missions in Pesth and Lemberg, Hungary, established to circulate the Scriptures among the Jewish communities there, were broken up by the Austrian Government

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