The Week of January 15, 1852

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • A storm passed through the state this week leaving 6 inches of snow

National News:

  • From the January 15, 1852 Hartford Daily  Courant, “The Anti-Slavery papers, we notice, are grumbling at the use made of the Fugitive Slav Law, to recover runaway apprentices”
  • A formerly enslaved man by the name of Jones spoke at Lyceum Hall in South Boston. It was expected that he would speak out against the institution of slavery, but instead he stated that the happiest time of his life was as an enslaved man. He also stated that enslaved people in the South were happier than many persons in the North. Some members of the audience stood up to refute him, but he held strong to his statements through out the event.
  • Reported in the January 17, 1852 Hartford Daily Courant, “A bill has been introduced into the Pennsylvania Legislature to prohibit the coming of negroes or mullatoes into the State. It punishes such persons by imprisonment, and punishes all persons employing such negroes by fine.”
  • On January 15 the steamer Martha Washington burned, killing one deck and four cabin passengers in Louisville, KY.
  • A temperance meeting was scheduled for later in the  month in Boston. Railroads offered reduced rates that day into the city.

International News:

  • Representatives of Russia, Austria, Prussia and the German Confederation delivered notes of complaint to the British Foreign Office on the 12th regarding English support of political fugitives in the country. This caused Austria to state that the Imperial Government would make it difficult for English citizens to travel to Austria
  • Cholera broke out again in Sarlama, Jamaica

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