The Week of January 22, 1852

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s Birthplace:

  • The Griswoldville Knitting Co. of Wethersfield has produced a machine which will knit 111,360 stitches per minute. This is almost double the speed of the Philadelphia knitting machine!  

National News:

  • The census reported that there were “418,000 Indians” living in the United States
  • Daniel Webster’s address at the American Colonization Society in January included the statement that Africans, “were now about to go back and carry with them light, knowledge, freedom and religion, to the home of their ancestors.”
  • Slave rescuers were scheduled to be tried by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on January 21st, but snowy conditions postponed the trial until January 22nd.

International News:

  •  The Austrian Court Martial condemned  three sons of Lord Aldborough of England to death for “exciting insurrection” in Italy.
  • Mexico experienced the coldest weather it had in twenty years, on January 20th it was a reported 15 degrees.
  • The distance from Vienna to Berlin, under 40 to 50 feet of snow following a January 20th snowstorm in Germany. More than 20 had been reported dead.

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