The Week of March 4, 1852

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • Workmen busily repaired the New Steam Boat Wharf situated at the end of State Street. The coming season was expected to be very busy for business on the river.   
  • Architects Messrs. Jordan drafted beautiful drawings and plans for new dwelling houses in Hartford. Mr. A. Jordan, who recently arrived from England to join his brother, hadone of the finest architecture libraries in the country.   
  • Preparations had been made for the construction of Sharp’s new rifle factory. Bricks arrived from Windsor and work was set to begin once the weather would permit it.   
  • An ice bridge across the Connecticut River formed March 3, 1852. Up to two tons of sand was brought across the bridge, and residents along the river reported that a bridge like this had not formed in the last nine years.

National News:

  • Vermont saw a severe winter in 1852. By early March, there continued to be three or four feet of snow on the ground.   
  •  According to Florida newspapers, the extended cold winter had not effected orange trees. It was reported that the cold helped the trees by killing insects that usually infested the trees.   
  • Congress was being urged to cut a canal around the falls of the straits of St. Marie near Lake Superior. The intention was to allow steamer ships to deliver mineral products to markets. Proposals stated that the canal would be about a mile. This was expected to cost $550,000 or a million acres of land.

International News:

  • There was a great deal of debate in public journals about the government’s decision to send a large naval fleet to Japan. The  intent was to start a commercial treaty with Japan that would furnish a market for some US products, assist US whale ships and mercantile marine.
  • On March 1, 1852, The Hartford Courant reported that Russia sent an envoy to Hayti and Mexico to form an alliance should a war erupt against the United States. It is expected that Haytians would enter an agreement to “interfere for their ‘brethren’ in the South” and that Mexico would also align with Russia with the hope that the country could seize California.
  • Austria continued to bring an end to all efforts of revolutionary liberty in its empire, especially in Hungary. It was expected that Austria would look to take Sardinia

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