The Week of October 2, 1851

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • The weather was cool and pleasant.
  • The Aurora Borealus could be seen. It was vibrant with deep red colors
  • The first train from Hartford to Albany on the Hudson River Railroad left.

National News

  • In Syracuse an arrest was made of a suspected fugitive slave. The military was called in when fear of riots broke out. A crowd of people threw stones at the police office which eventually led to them breaking in and carrying off the suspect. As of Oct. 2nd he was still at liberty.
  • Bank failures in New York caused panic, with banks refusing banknotes from certain banks.
  • The Massachusetts Temperance Convention took place in Worcester to encourage Massachusetts to pass a law banning liquor.

International News:

  • The Hartford Courant published an article stating that foreign governments, including France and England, planned to back Spain in the Cuban crisis, rather than backing the United States.

Chapter and Commentary Table of Contents

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