The Week of February 19, 1852

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • The Aurora Borealis made a brilliant appearance on Thursday night, It actually affected the currents of telegraph wires.   
  • An unhitched horse ran from near the United State Hotel  and attemp to jump the State House fence. It became entangled when its harness caught onto the fence. Some damage to the fence occurred and some injury to the horse’s leg and hoof.

National News:

  • A new cylinder printing press model was exhibited by  the publisher of the Pittsfield Eagle, Mr. Charles Montagne. Though it could operate with only one cylinder, the doucle cylinder could print 2,000 impressions per hour, by man or steam power, for only $600-$750.   
  • Fire destroyed the new Vermont House Hotel in Brattleboro, VT.   

International News:

  • Portugal announced to its creditors that it would be unable to pay the interest on its debt. Portugal had no manufacturing of its own and the people remained in poverty and without work
  • Great Britain felt that an attack by Louis Napoleon of France was a serious threat

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