The Week of December 11, 1851

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind scheduled to sing in New Haven, CT (Stowe wrote letters about Jenny Lind’s tour. Not this show in particular)
  • Col. Santiago Flores, an engineer from Peru, was in Hartford to purchase various types of machinery for use in public and private industries in the South American Republic. He had already purchased one of Allen’s Double action Wheels to be used in flour mills

National News:

  • The third volume of the collected works of John Adams is released, opening “with passages of the mingled Diary and Autobiography relative to the Congressional movements immediately subsequent to the Declaration of Independence.”
  • “The Salt Lake mail has arrived. The Indians near for Kearney are very troublesome, and the Pawnees and the Cheyeues are at war with each other.” (St Louis) -Reported by the Hartford Daily Courant 12/8/1851
  • “How true it is that ‘we never know what will turn up!’ in illustration of this old maxim, we have now before us a basket full, of five turnips, sent in by Mr. (??) Danlee, one of which weighs four pounds. We do not know what we shall do with them. They look altogether too fat and lazy to boil.” (Springfield Republican) -Reported by the Hartford Daily Courant 12/11/1851
  • It was reported that some Southern manufacturers were turning to the work of young French girls instead of slave labor in their factories.

International News:

  • The Assembly of Grenada, one of the British West India Islands, passed a bill to offer a place for free “coloured emigrants” from the United States.

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