The Week of January 8, 1852

National News

  • The annual meeting of the American Colonization Society was announced. Hon. F.P. Stanton of Tennessee and Senator Stockton of New Jersey would speak at the January 20th meeting.
  • A Boston man was buried in snow as he watched a train with a plow come into the station. People used shovels to dig him out and he did survive.
  • The Ohio Democratic State Convention was held in Columbus on January 8, and the Kentucky Democratic State Convention in Frankfort on January 9. Gen. William o Butler is the “most prominent candidate for the Presidency” in Kentucky, and the Hon. William Allen in Ohio.
  • A free “colored girl named Rachel Parker” was kidnapped by Thomas McCreary from the property of Joseph Miller on January 8th.

International News:

  • The French minister argued that control and protection of Jerusalem and other placed in Palestine should return to France and the Catholic Church. Negotiations took place over this issue in Constantinople, Turkey.
  • The election of President in Guatemala was restructured. A convention made up of Chamber representatives, Judges of the Court, Member of the Council of State, and the Metropolital Archbishop would now elect the President.
  • An overwhelming majority elected Louis Napoleon as President for ten years in France.

Chapter and Commentary Table of Contents

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