The Week of November 27, 1851

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • A snowstorm was reported by the Hartford Daily Courant on November 26th, the first regular snowstorm of the season.

National News:

  • It was decided by the Governors of All States that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on November 27, 1851 (the same day as Stowe’s latest installment of Uncle Tom’s Cabin)
  • Four people were arrested in Syracuse, New York for their alleged participation in rescuing an enslaved person.
  • The Michigan Southern Railroad and the Michigan Central Railroad were “neck and neck” competing for a rail line to Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune.
  • The Boston Female Medical School changed its name to the New England Female Medical School.
  • The schooner Newbold capsized on Lake Michigan on November 25th, killing 30.

International News:

  • The New Jersey Colonization Society made a purchase of 250 miles of land in Liberia, intended for “twenty-five families of old settlers.”
  • France and England protested against Austria absorbing of Tuscany in a note to the Tuscan government.
  • The Republic of San Marino was set to be annexed by Austria.

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