The Week of October 9, 1851

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • The Hartford County Fair opened at City Hall
  • The Hartford Courant noted that Miss Catharine Beecher sent letters to papers about a Mrs. Haines who was pocketing money while soliciting subscriptions to her work on education.
  • The annual Agricultural Society Cattle Show and Fair came to a close.

National News

  • In the trial of the 4 white men and 27 colored me in connection with the Christiana case, a Grand Jury of the United States District Court found true a bill for treason.
  • Citizens of Dade county, Georgia resolved that if Georgia was to secede from the Union, following the election of McDonald, then the county would secede from Georgia. Dade county would then become a part of Tennessee, a state where the residents felt the naturally belonged.

International News:

  • The British seized land in the Bay of Honduras and planned to establish a government over the Bay of Islands.
  • The former Consul of Paris, Robert Walsh Jr., stated that Europe was on the eve of a struggle between liberty and despotism.

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