The Week of December 25, 1851

News in Connecticut, Stowe’s birthplace:

  • Temperatures this weekend ranged from 1-4 degrees below zero.
  • The Hartford Courant was preparing for it’s 89th year in print. (The Hartford Courant holds the title of “America’s oldest continuously published newspaper”)
  • The first Fugitive Case in Connecticut was held: Three runaway apprentices from New York were brought in front of US Commissioner Charles R. Ingersoll after a complaint by a Mr. John Russell, stating that they were bound to serve him. A certificate was given to Mr. Russell and the apprentices were returned to New York in accordance with the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.

National News:

  • A devastating fire at the Library of Congress destroyed over 35,000 books, including two-thirds of Jefferson’s collection.

International News:

  • Louis Napoleon continued to lead a revolution in France. He made an appeal to the people and the army to vote for a new Constitution.

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